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which makes players stick to a place

There are far too many places to be at all the time, which makes players stick to a place. Just grinding is just grinding - gamers need more than that. If they can not have more than simply grinding then they'll always default to the map which has the most efficient EXP profit and/or is much more convenient to get to.

The game needs more linearity, actually, with any alternate content which exists needing to have incentives you can't Maplestory 2 Mesos get in the first site. Case in point: Area A gives particular equipment, Area B gives the items that update it. Anything. If your alternatives are only "another region to acquire EXP" then it'll die off. Consistently occurred and will always happen if that continues. At the moment there are a lot of places compared to developers *and gamers know what to do with.

Back when locations like Aliens (which exist, as does LHC and SDH) were pre-nerfed, people never educated outside of these locations if they had been at that range because of the totally ridiculous quantity of EXP they gave over all other locations. I really don't believe you have a good grasp of how these things work to tell the truth, considering you say these will get folks to go to other areas, but you definitely do not know that it would just perpetuate buy Maplestory 2 Mesos the problem you are trying to fix. Yeah, it'll get BillyBobXXX to stop training at -insert hotspot here -, but only because he'll migrate into Aliens, remain there for 30 levelswithout accepting any EXP lesser than that. '